The Hiding Behind The Couch Universe

Hiding Behind The Couch is a multi-part series of stories surrounding a single group of nine friends that takes place over the course of many years.

While storylines are intermingling, the focus of the story and the point of view frequently change.

It is best thought of as a literary soap opera, with seasons and special episodes – some are 'character specials', some are 'festive specials'.

All stories conclude, but there will be overarching plots that continue from one instalment to the next.

The inspiration for the characters, events and settings is the real world, but all characters, events and locations are entirely fictional.

Gray Fisher

The Gray Fisher trilogy is a stand-alone spin-off featuring two secondary characters from the main series, with some cameo appearances from Josh (the pivotal character in Hiding Behind The Couch).

Front of House

Front of House is an offshoot of the main series featuring the next generation of characters - Krissi (Shaunna's daughter), Jay and their peer group.



The series is primarily set in a fictional semi-rural town in the north-west of England – essentially an amalgamation of the real towns of Southport and Ormskirk – located on the coast and surrounded by agricultural land, with a number of outlying villages of varying sizes.

The Gray Fisher trilogy is set in and around (a fictional representation of) London.


Within the town, there are areas of older Victorian houses, newer council housing and new-build exclusive housing, as well as the traditional mix of post-war semi-detached houses and apartment buildings. On the outskirts of the town, there are a number of vast Victorian / Edwardian detached properties with extensive grounds.

Retail and Leisure

The retail area of the town centre has a shopping mall and traditional department store, as well as a number of restaurants, including fast-food outlets with 24-hour drive-thru facilities. The Pizza Place – a (fictional) national chain of pizza restaurants with HQ in Birmingham – has a restaurant in the town.

There is the usual mix of traditional and new pubs in the town, as well as a low-key bar with permanent 'open mic' for live jazz music.

There is an old cinema in the town and several parks, as well as nearby woodlands and outlying smaller villages. The town is within commuting distance of Manchester and a large out-of-town shopping centre; a theme park is a trainride away.


The town has a hospice and hospital, and a number of larger businesses are based there. For many years, Campion Holdings PLC was the most prominent local business, located in a large multistorey office block on the outskirts of the town centre.

There are two primary schools (Parkside County Primary School and St. Mark's C of E Primary School) and a high school (Moorcroft High School) in the area of the town where the characters of the series grew up. The town also has a college of further education and a university.

There are several churches and other places of worship, including St. Mark's C of E, Our Lady's (The Church of Our Lady and St. Joseph) RC, Methodist, LDS, spiritualist churches, Kingdom Hall and a synagogue.

Interactive Map

This interactive map shows some of the real-world locations that inspired the location in the series (I like to think of them as the places where our reality converges with the reality of The Circle).

You can access the map using this link:

Or (hopefully) the map in the iframe below works – click the little square frame top-right to go full-screen.


Note: some of these characters, by virtue of their listing here, may spoil stories if you are still reading earlier in the series.

Central Characters

The central characters of the series are The Circle, who come together as a close-knit friendship group during the latter years of their high school education.

The Circle
Joshua Sandison (Josh)
Eleanor Davenport (Ellie)
George Morley
Daniel Jeffries (Dan)
Andrew Jeffries (Andy)
Jessica Lambert (Jess)
Shaunna Hennessy
Kristian Johansson (Kris)
Adele Reeves

Extended Circle
Sean Tierney
Sophie Spyris
Adrian Simmons (Ade)
Charlotte Davenport (Charlie)

As children, the friends attended different primary schools, but all ended up at the same local high school.

Josh, George, Dan, Andy, Shaunna and Adele were all pupils at St. Mark's C of E Primary School; Jess and Eleanor both attended Parkside Primary School; Kris attended Harwood, a private prep school. Whilst they all end up in the same school year eventually, Josh is a year younger than the others, and Andy is a year older. Josh is moved up a year right at the start of his education, as he is a 'gifted child'. Andy fails his A Levels in sixth form and drops back a year to join the others.

Other Significant Characters:

(in no particular order)
Krissi Johansson
Oliver Brown
Toby Brown
Little Shaunna (Shu) Jeffries
Robbie Jeffries
Dylan Robert Spyris-Tierney
Libby Williams
James Brown
Alice Friar
Jason Meyer
Carl Watkinson (Wotto)
Iris Morley (George's mum)
Pauline (Iris's friend)
Henry Hartley (Aitch)
Rob Simpson-Stone
Michael Jeffries (Mike)
Barbara Evans (Andy, Dan and Mike's mum)
Saorla Tierney (Sean's mum)
Aileen Cullen (Sean's 'Aunty Aileen')
Finn Tierney (Sean's brother)
Cordelia Kinkade
Vincent Asher
Graham Farrar
Siobhan Hennessy (Shaunna's mum)
Jim Hennessy (Shaunna's dad)
Simon Henderson
Gabby Bowes
Lee (Jono) Johnson
Xander Etherington-Bowes
Michelle (Adele's mum)
Sally-Anne Reeves (Adele's stepmum)
Hadyn O'Farrell
Stu Drake (Jay's colleague)
Byron Walker

The Davenports:
Marie and Paddy (Mum and Dad)
Their children (in age order) + spouses -> granchildren:
Eleanor + James -> Oliver, Toby
Ben + Jo -> Louise, Amy
Luke + Kaz -> Kamesh, Kali, Kohl
Tilly + Craig -> Ashleigh, Benjamin

Gray Fisher Series Characters:

Gray Fisher
Will Richards
Rob Simpson-Stone
Naomi Silvestri/Aaron Tanner
Dom Hooper
Dee Knight
Brian Macintyre (Tie)
Lucas Simpson-Stone
Zoë Clifton
Dom Hooper
Martina Hedley
Freddie Berringer

Front of House Characters:

Krissi Johansson
Jay Meyer
Hadyn O'Farrell
Carl (Wotto) Watkinson
Stu Drake
Amy Jones
Kaz McBride
Ev Uzun
Bridget McBride (Kaz's wife)
Laura, Priya, Niall and Erin (Milky's staff)

Genres (in progress)

The series as a whole is contemporary, realist fiction and features diverse characters (including LGBT+). As such, the characters and the situations they encounter are the everyday, real-life situations we all deal with - births, deaths, marriages, sickness, romance, crime, family feuds, and so on. Thus, the series crosses genres; an indication of the genres of each instalment is given below.