Reunions (HBTC #7
19th April 2017


When greed, fear and obsession rule the senses, danger is never more than a heartbeat away.
A night of celebration affords the perfect opportunity for an unlikely band of criminals to make their move, but as details emerge, it soon becomes clear the crime is far more sophisticated than the police first thought.
And that's only the beginning.

* * * * *

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Books 1 to 5 have been 'polished', and they are currently being proofread, so apologies for any mistakes I may have introduced during the polishing!

The stories are exactly the same, but hopefully they're a better read.

If you have purchased the ebooks in the past, I'd be happy to send you a free update to the new editions. Please contact me via email (debbie at the URL for this site), along with some form of proof of purchase, and I will send out the replacement. If you purchased via Amazon, you can receive the update by enabling automatic updates on your Amazon account page (under 'Manage my Kindle').

Note: the updates currently apply to the all ebook editions; I have also updated the paperback for No Time Like The Present. I will update the rest of the paperbacks in due course.